July 27, 2021 3 min read

We talk to Alice of Originals Studio, who lovingly curates her collections, creating the most unique and beautiful pieces. Alice hand selects each piece from vases, painted candles, jewellery, and the most beautiful pieces for gifting. 
We were so excited to talk to Alice about her inspirations, how she creates her collections and manages all of this alongside a full time job.

Tell us how Originals Studio started?
I set up an illustration business a few years ago as a bit of a hobby, however, my real passion has always been interiors and I am a complete magpie with a creative streak. I take huge pride and pleasure in styling my home and space and wanted to see if this was something I could translate into my own brand.
Over New Year 2020, after what was the most intense year of my professional life, working flat-out full time through the pandemic (I am Head of Digital Marketing at Oliver Bonas), I just thought ‘right, let’s do this as a creative escape and a passion project’. I spent that weekend building my website and sourcing my first few products and the rest is history.
I launched on 1 January 2021. My initials are ALS so that fits perfectly on the end of OriginALS (I got engaged a few months ago and luckily my initials will be the same even after getting married!). The name really translates to our goal of showcasing unique products, which are usually small runs of carefully considered products or one-off vintage pieces that can be styled together in an original way.
What three words would you use to describe your brand?
Unique, stylish, tempting
Where do you get your inspiration from for your pieces?
I take so much inspiration from vintage design and photography. This mixed with living in London and keeping up with current trends I think provokes a really interesting fusion. I love mixing modern trend pieces or styles with one off vintage pieces.
What does an average day look like for you?
Well I am currently working full time in another role so I would say very busy! I usually start the day with a bucket of coffee very early catching up on my business emails, then start work on my other job by 8.30ish. In my lunchbreak I will be shooting new products or running to the post office. At the end of the day I spend hours doing my buying, packing new orders and creating content, usually with a large gin and tonic in my hand.
What is your favourite piece/collection?
We launched a bag range this summer which I have been test driving in the last months. I adore the large woven ‘Ann’ tote – it is the ideal summer bag and I have had lots of compliments already (I can also confirm it can hold two bottles of bubble and snacks with ease). The ‘funfair’ necklace has also been a summer staple for me as I love a good necklace stack. We also have new gallery wall print packs that I adore- I don’t have many inches left in my flat as I am a massive gallery wall fan and these remind me of my huge museum postcard collection but packaged in an easy way for someone to use and update their space.
What is most important to you when creating new pieces?
I want to sell products that I genuinely want and love myself. I try and follow the thinking that I will never sell ‘anything that I wouldn’t have in my own home or wear myself’. I spend hours working with suppliers from all over the world and UK small businesses to source the best products for our ranges. I also handpick vintage one-offs which are sold alongside these collections, they make everything feel much more unique and special and I love to style vintage items with our other lines. For me to be able to support other small brands and also encourage people to mix preloved in with new styles are bonuses.
What has been the high moments for your brand?
I feel so fortunate to have been included in some lovely articles in Stylist and You magazine and even in print too! Other than that we did a candle collaboration with the mental health charity Mind If I Share, which was so rewarding – we sold out in a few weeks and raised lots of money for charity. For me to have people reaching out to me telling me the love what we are doing is just magical and really means the world. In more realistic terms, moving flat from a one bed to a two bed has been a game changer as I actually have some room to get more creative (and our cat doesn’t have to live amongst napkins and mugs).

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