How many Jobs are Available in Natural Gas Distribution?

How many Jobs are Available in Natural Gas Distribution? There are over 109,780 million jobs available in natural gas distribution in the United States. Kindly go through this article for more information on Natural Gas Distribution and the number of Jobs Available.

About Natural Gas

Natural gas is the earth’s cleanest fossil fuel and is used in many ways including for heating, cooking, power generation, and transportation. Americans will continue to rely on the nation’s 2.6 million miles of natural gas pipeline infrastructure for decades to come and with that reliance, we will need skilled jobs to transition that infrastructure to deliver renewable natural gas, hydrogen, etc. The natural gas industry is an instrumental leader in helping to achieve the country’s climate change goals while maintaining energy reliability, resiliency, safety, and affordability.

How many Jobs are Available in Natural Gas Distribution?

There are Over 3.4 million jobs connected to the direct use of natural gas in the United States and over 83% of this work happens within local communities. That’s a lot of jobs, a lot of need, and a lot of employment opportunity!

The job outlook for natural gas distribution is looking fairly good in the coming years. The industry is projected to grow by about 4% between 2016 and 2026, and there should be about 8,000 new jobs created during that time period. The majority of these new jobs will likely be in the installation and repair of natural gas lines.

Types of jobs available in natural gas distribution

Natural gas distribution companies transport natural gas to customers through an underground distribution system of pipelines and gas mains. Distribution companies also read customers’ meters, respond to service requests, and turn on and off service.

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Jobs in natural gas distribution fall into three main categories:

  1. Office and clerical jobs
  2. Field operations jobs, and craft jobs.
  3. Office and clerical positions include customer service representatives, office managers, and secretaries.

Field operations employees install and maintain gas mains and services, repair leaks, shovel snow around hydrants in the winter, and read customers’ meters.

Craft jobs include positions such as pipefitters, welders, machinists, HVAC mechanics, mechanics, linemen, and electricians.

Best Paying Jobs In Natural Gas Distribution?

  1. Engineers
  2. Accountants
  3. Construction
  4. Plumber
  5. Pipe Fitters
  6. Steam fitter


Engineers are required to design and oversee the construction of pipelines and other infrastructure, ensure the safety and dependability of the system, work to increase the efficiency of the natural gas distribution network, and contribute to cost savings. They also need to have expertise in engineering, construction, and project management.


Assist in ensuring that natural gas distribution firms run profitably and efficiently while maintaining adherence to all local, state, and federal standards.

Construction workers

Employers provide training and safety gear to these employees while they construct and repair the infrastructure that carries natural gas to homes and businesses.


Plumbers Replace outdated plumbing or maintain and fix it.

Pipe Fitters

Installs, maintains, and repairs the thousands of kilometers of pipes that traverse the nation. Independent thinking and problem-solving skills in all weather situations.

Steam fitter

Installing, repairing, and maintaining pipes and other equipment is the job of a steam fitter. capable of reading blueprints, welding, and other operations, among other things.

Requirements to do Natural Gas Distribution jobs.

Training and qualifications required for natural gas distribution jobs
Natural gas distribution is a field that requires training and qualifications. There are many jobs available in natural gas distribution, but not all of them require the same level of training or qualifications. Here is a look at some of the most common natural gas distribution jobs and the training and qualifications required for each:

– Gas meter readers need to have a high school diploma or equivalent. They also need to pass a background check and drug test.
– Gas line workers need to have a high school diploma or equivalent. They also need to pass a physical examination and drug test.
– Gas service representatives need to have a high school diploma or equivalent. They also need to pass a written exam and drug test.
– Gas safety inspectors need to have a high school diploma or equivalent and must complete an approved training program.

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How much do Natural Gas Distribution pay

As the natural gas distribution sector is growing rapidly, there is also high demand for more workers. There are tons of jobs available in this field and all comes with good pay.

Salary varies based on job position, experience, Education, location, and many other factors. However the average salary/pay for a natural gas distribution worker is around $60,000 – $80,255 per year and could even go a lot higher.

Where to find natural gas distribution jobs

There are different ways to find natural gas distribution jobs. One way is to search for job listings in related field on job websites such as Indeed, Glassdoor, and Monster.

Another way is to contact natural gas companies directly or talk to those that work in the industry. You can also look for job postings on the websites of the natural gas distribution companies such as the American Gas Association and the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America.

What you should know about Natural Gas Distribution jobs

Natural gas distribution is a vital part of the natural gas industry, and it offers a wide range of career opportunities. Distribution employees work to ensure that natural gas is delivered safely and efficiently to homes and businesses. They are responsible for the maintenance and repair of natural gas pipelines, as well as the operation of natural gas distribution facilities.

Natural gas distribution is a growing industry, and it offers many benefits to those who work in it. Distribution employees enjoy competitive salaries and benefits, as well as job security. They also have the opportunity to work in a variety of settings, including office environments, outdoor construction sites, and industrial warehouses.

Working in natural gas distribution can be both rewarding and challenging. The job market for this field is expected to grow in the coming years, but there are a few things you should know before you pursue a career in natural gas distribution.

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Natural gas is distributed via an extensive network of pipelines, which can span for thousands of miles across the country. Distribution workers are responsible for maintaining this network and ensuring that the gas flows smoothly from the source to the customer.

One of the biggest challenges facing distribution workers is dealing with pipeline breaks. These can occur due to a variety of reasons, including corrosion, construction damage, and weather-related events. When a break occurs, it’s crucial to respond quickly to prevent further damage and disruptions to service.

Other challenges include working in difficult or dangerous conditions, such as high altitudes or confined spaces. Distribution workers must also be able to troubleshoot issues with customers’ gas meters or other equipment.

Despite the challenges, working in natural gas distribution can be a stable and gratifying career. If you’re interested in pursuing a job in this field, make sure you’re aware of the challenges so you can be prepared to face them head-on.


If you are interested in a career in natural gas distribution, here are some things to keep in mind:

-Most jobs in natural gas distribution require at least a high school diploma. Some jobs may require specialized training or certification.
-Gas distributors typically work outdoors, so being comfortable working in all weather conditions is important.
-Many positions in natural gas distribution involve physically demanding tasks, such as lifting and digging, so being physically fit is a plus.
-Safety is a top priority for natural gas distributors, so following safety procedures and protocols is essential.


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