Is Air Freight/Delivery Services a Good Career Path? Best Paying Jobs

Is Air Freight/Delivery Services a Good Career Path? The simple truth is YES! because the rising demand for air freight services is not likely to stop anytime soon.

Air freight may be a good career choice for you if logistics and transportation are your interests. Keep the following in mind before you begin working in this field:

Is Air Freight/Delivery Services a Good Career Path?

The simple truth is YES! because the rising demand for air freight services is not likely to stop anytime soon.

Air freight and delivery services is important and are used by both Big corporations, small businesses, and even individuals who need to move goods worldwide fast and effectively

Best Paying Jobs in the Air Freight and Delivery Services Industry

In this industry, the typical salary for people who work in the field is $34,000 per year. however,  You might anticipate earning more money as you advance in your career and take on positions like manager or driver. Following is a list of high-paying positions in this sector, in no particular order:

1. Air Cargo Handler:

The Cargo Handler earns $42,000 per year.

Employees who handle air freight must be able to stand for extended periods of time and lift up to 70 pounds. In order to communicate with customers and coworkers, they also need to have excellent customer service abilities.

2. LoadMaster:

Loadmasters makes an average salary of $75,000 a year.

The individuals who oversee the proper loading of the plane with cargo are known as Aircraft Loadmasters. To perform their duties effectively, they must be familiar with both the laws governing flight and how airplanes operate. Since they interact with others who load the plane, they also need to be good communicators.

3. Sales Rep for Airline Cargo

An average salary of  $60,000 annually.

Airports employ salespeople for airline cargo. They are knowledgeable on how to obtain items from distant locations, such as shipments or planes. To make sure everything goes as planned, they must also speak to people over the phone or in person.

4. Director of Flight Operations.

Makes an average pay of $100,000 per year.

All aspects of an airline’s flight operations are under the direction of the director of flight operations. Pilots must be hired and trained in order to ensure the proper maintenance of all aircraft. They must be able to interact effectively with personnel in order to guarantee that all the job is completed promptly and accurately.

5. First Officer Co-Pilot

$50,000 pay annually

On an airplane, the first officer, also known as the co-pilot, has the responsibility of assisting the captain. You must have extensive aviation knowledge and the ability to support the pilot in any way needed while the aircraft is in the air in order to perform this job properly. In order to make sure everything on the plane functions well, you’ll need to speak with people, such as passengers or other crew members.

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6. Import manager

Makes an average pay of $70,000 per year.

The Import Manager aids in ensuring that all packages reach their destinations. They make sure the recipients are aware of what is inside and whether there are any issues before mailing the things. Additionally, they make sure that those in charge of the things at the airport are properly trained so that nothing is spilled or broken when the boxes are moved.

7. Airlines Freight Forwarder

A person who works for a freight firm or airline and whose responsibility it is to ensure that cargo arrives from point A to point B safely is known as an airline freight forwarder.

This can involve doing things like registering goods at the airport, scheduling storage or transportation when necessary, informing clients or customers of the location and condition of their cargo, and making sure all required paperwork is completed and filed.

Because it frequently necessitates long hours, most people consider this to be a full-time work; but, if you have the necessary skills, you can also perform it part-time.  If you wish to work as an airline broker. you must do the following:

  1. A certification in business administration or a closely related field (such as accounting)
  2. Good computer skills, especially with Microsoft Excel
  3. Previously working in shipping or logistics

8. Transport Broker

The persons that assist buyers and sellers of air freight are known as freight brokers. They serve as a middleman between freight forwarders and airlines. From airlines, they purchase cargo, which they then sell to freight forwarders.

They receive a commission from every sale, so if you’re an authority in this industry and have access to fantastic offers on flights from particular airlines or locations, you could be able to earn far more money than someone who doesn’t.

9. Ground Operations Manager

The airport’s smooth functioning is the responsibility of the ground operations manager. He or she is in charge of managing cargo, maintaining the condition of the aircraft, and performing additional services on the ground. These personnel are in charge of ensuring that every employee at an airport gets the appropriate training in their area of responsibility in order to maintain customer satisfaction.

10. Line Service Technician

It will be your responsibility as a line service technician with an A&P license to maintain and repair aircraft. To make sure that the plane is safe to fly, you will collaborate with other technicians and experts.

You must possess an A&P license issued by the Federal Aviation Administration in order to be considered for this position (FAA). It helps to have previous experience working on aircraft.

11. Customer Programs Manager

The person in charge of overseeing the client service packages is a customer programs manager. To ensure that clients’ demands are addressed and they receive the finest service possible, they collaborate closely with the sales department.

These managers are also responsible for always seeking for and creating new company prospects. You require an undergraduate degree in marketing or business administration and at least two years of experience in sales or as a customer service representative to become a customer program manager.

In general, the salary ranges from $55,000 to $80,000 annually. A Bachelor’s degree in education is required, as well as exceptional leadership and communication abilities.

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12. Warehouse Manager

The warehouse is managed by the warehouse manager. This entails being concerned with the handling of orders, inventory, and the shipping and receiving of items. A team of individuals under your management must pack and take care of the merchandise before it can be moved.

You might also be requested to stay in touch with customers to confirm orders, solve any issues that may arise, and make sure everyone is on the same page in order to ensure that everyone enjoys working with the company.

The warehouse manager could be thought of as the organization’s human resources manager.

13. Inventories Expert

The major responsibilities of an inventory expert are to maintain track of inventory and guarantee that the proper things are available when they are required. Although this task might occasionally be challenging, it is also incredibly gratifying.

You must be an expert at paying attention to details and have extensive knowledge of inventory management in order to perform this job efficiently. You’ll need to be able to maintain accurate records of your work, handle several projects concurrently while ranking them according to significance, and effectively communicate with other team members so they are aware of the status of their assigned duties.

14. Director of Shipping

A shipping manager is in charge of getting commodities into and out of the country as well as shipping them around the globe. Additionally, they handle transporting cargo and clearing it through customs. Shipping managers may be requested to perform the duties of a customs broker or agent depending on the demands of their organization. Among the duties of a shipping manager are the following:

  • Being responsible for packages being sent from one country to another
  • Bringing items into the country from abroad and exporting them
  • Worldwide shipping of products
  • Managing merchandise at customs

15. Transport Agent

The persons who organize how products will be carried are known as freight agents. They are responsible for completing the required documentation, submitting documents to the appropriate parties, and guaranteeing that shipments arrive on time.

Additionally, freight agents handle cargo disputes that arise from delayed or damaged shipments. Freight brokers are frequently expected to be quite knowledgeable about the laws that control international trade as well as how transportation services like air freight delivery operate, whether they work for a small business or a large one.

In order to advise clients on which type of agreement would be best for their business needs based on its size, a good freight agent should be knowledgeable about these matters in addition to the various commercial agreements that businesses use when conducting business internationally, such as international purchase agreements.

Benefits of Working in the Air Freight and Delivery Services Industry?

Are you considering a career in the air freight sector? So that you may decide wisely, let us assist you with the merits.

  • No limitations on career advancement

Working for an air freight company gives you more opportunities to advance and earn more money than most other careers do.

  • Little academic Qualification is required.

To work in this field, you don’t need a high degree. Success is primarily determined by experience and a willingness to learn and pick up new abilities.

Disadvantages of Working in the Air Freight and Delivery Services Industry

Pursuing a profession in the air freight and delivery services sector has significant drawbacks. These demerits include the following:

  • The Work Requires a Great Deal of Travel Time: Because of the nature of this sector, frequent relocation is a requirement. You will need to go from one interstate area to another, which can be taxing on your health even if it isn’t worldwide.
  • Body Strength: Particularly if your job description calls for you to move loads and luggage, this position calls for strong arms and legs.
  • Analytics: There aren’t many vocations that require both physical and mental power. However, one needs to be quite proficient in arithmetic and statistics to work in the air freight sector. This skill will come in handy during counting or estimate exercises.
  • A rigid schedule: You’ll typically put in lengthy hours, especially when loading cargo aboard airplanes. You can possibly be gone from home a lot.
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What Skills are Needed to Work in Air Freight or Delivery Services?

You need a diverse set of abilities and skills if you want to work in delivery or air freight. For instance, it’s crucial to speak clearly and pay close attention when you interact with people for work.

Additionally, while carrying big objects, you’ll need to be able to stand upright for extended periods of time. Due to the fact that most airports are located far from cities, you also require a working driver’s license and a vehicle to go to the airport. In a nutshell, the abilities you need are:

Communication Skills

You must communicate with people frequently in this field. Deals must be made, thus effective and courteous communication is essential.

Body Strength

The majority of occupations in this sector involve moving goods from one place to another. Workers must therefore possess the physical strength necessary to lift these objects.

Driving Skill/Know how to drive

You must be able to drive if you want to work in this industry, whether it be a vehicle, truck, or airplane.

Friendly to People

Employees must strive to establish cordial relationships with those they work for and with. One’s chances of moving up the corporate ladder will also be improved by having this quality.

Leadership Capacity

Supervisors and team leaders are also needed in this sector. Both managerial and leadership qualities are highly desired capabilities.


Employees must display dependability and credibility when performing their tasks. Additionally, this will improve job opportunities.

Analysis Capabilities

A person working in air freight and delivery services needs to be proficient in math and have quick decision-making skills.

They must also complete training and have a high school diploma or GED.

How In-demand will Air Freight and Delivery Services be in the Near Future?

Delivery and freight via air are growing in popularity over time. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the industry will expand by 15% by the year 2026, and the unemployment rate will soar above 7%.


Making a career decision might be challenging. You can’t be certain that your decision will be a good one in the long term if you don’t complete your study. When determining whether to pursue a career in air freight and delivery services, we hope that this information will assist you in making an informed decision.

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