Is Basic Industries A Good Career Path?

Is Basic Industries A Good Career Path? Yes, Basic Industries is a Good Career Path because it’s crucial for the day-to-day life of people.

Arguably, one of the toughest tasks for youths nowadays is choosing a career path. Naturally, people want a career path that will give them the luxury of life, and let them take care of themselves and their families. Nobody wants a career path full of stress. However, in the quest to search for a befitting career path, people inadvertently tend to look down on some careers. One such career path that people look down on is the basic industries.

Whereas the importance of this sector can not be underestimated, they are crucial for the day-to-day life of people. They serve as the link between manufacturers and end users. In this era of economic dwindling, the basic industries sector is one of the industries that always employs a new workforce to cater to the ever-increasing demand.

At Drurydit, we like to solve people’s problems by providing up-to-date answers to their questions. One of our areas of expertise is in the career path. While we don’t necessarily force our opinion on readers. We do believe readers should be well informed before choosing any field. 

As usual, we’ll look at the basic industries sector and answer the question of whether it is a good career path. Also, we’ll examine the available jobs in the basic industries.  But before we go further, let’s take a look at the basic industries sector

What Are Basic Industries

Basic Industries are industries that produce the raw materials that are used in manufacturing some essential products. Before a product could be manufactured into a finished product, it undergoes different stages of discovery, development, and processing. However, one sector can not successfully transcend all of these stages without the help of another sector.

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For example, construction companies use different types of materials such as steel, iron, wood, paper, granite, and marble, to build different types of projects. However, they do not develop all the materials by themselves. Those who find and gather these materials fall under the basic industries.

Different Categories of Basic Industries

As we have explained earlier, basic industries are a collection of different sub-divided industries. Some of them are:

Oil And Gas Industry

Arguably, the most lucrative of the subdivisions. The oil and gas industry is one of the major industries in the sector with over 6 billion in market cap as of 2022. The market is expected to reach 10 billion dollars in 2026 with a compound annual growth rate of 11.1%.

Before a petroleum product could be refined to a finished product, it has to undergo three different stages; the discovery of petroleum products which is done by the upstream sector, then the process, transportation, and storage of the product which is done by the midstream. The final stages of petroleum refining deal with the removal of impurities which is done by the downstream sector.

Some of the available jobs in this industry include Petroleum Engineers, Oil Rig Worker, Geoscientists, Oil field Workers, Finance Specialists/Manager, Energy Engineers, and many more.

Steel Industry

This 232 billion dollar industry is a crucial part of the basic industries. They made materials such as steel and iron which are useful in making bridges, buildings, aircraft, aerospace, and roads among others. 

In addition, the steel industry also uses metal which can be used in manufacturing cars, lorries, trucks, and other types of transportation. Some of the available jobs in this industry are Metal Fabricators, Engineers, Computer Specialists, Machine Operators, etc

Agriculture Industry

Agriculture is an indispensable part of human existence, it is an integral part of basic industries which is equally important for a country’s economy. Without food, humans will not exist. Human basic existence is directly connected to agriculture; maize, grains, vegetables, fruit, and some other food are used in making many products that are used daily.

Agriculture is important to a nation’s economy, it drives the export and the import trade. It is one of the sectors where there are tons of jobs available no matter how the economy becomes. Available jobs in this industry might include Farm Manager, Soil Scientists, Agricultural Economists/Engineers, Agronomists among others

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Paper and Pulp Industry

Another useful industry under the basic industries is the paper Industry. Many industries deal with the use of pulp to make different types of paper and prints. Examples include exercise books, tissue, graphic prints, and more. Paper is extracted from wood after undergoing different developmental stages including collection, processing, and manufacturing to refine a product that are useful to the end users.

When the finished product is ready for use, different companies will purchase them for their day-to-day record and activities. Jobs people should look out for in this industry are Engineers, Machine Operators, Laboratory Technicians, Administrative Officers among others.

Is Basic Industry A Good Careers Path?

While this depends on the choice of individuals. However, it is important to note that basic industries are one of the sectors where job stability is guaranteed. More like the consumer field, the basic industries workers receive a minimal threat to jobs.

The basic industries incorporate many industries, which explains why it is one of the largest in terms of recruitment. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there are an estimated 24.5 million jobs available in the basic industries as of 2022.

Why you might want to consider a career in basic industries

There are many reasons why you should take a look at the basic industries. They are:

Job Stability

As against the norm in some other industries, you are guaranteed job safety in the basic industry sector. With different segments of the industry requiring different sets of professionals, there are plenty of job opportunities and stability in the sector.

Opportunity To Grow

In the basic industries, there are opportunities for workers to grow. Workers are seen as part of the larger ecosystem, hence treated appropriately. In some other industries, you might find promotions hard to come by. However, if you are in the basic industries, you can steadily grow especially if you are recruited with a tangible certificate. Although there are some jobs in the industry that don’t require a certificate that much. However, those who were recruited with certificates, tend to grow big in the industry.

High Paycheck

Professionals in this field are one of the best paid. However, some fields are not high paying as others. For example, workers in the oil and gas industry get an annual salary of $76,474, while their counterparts in the paper and Pulp Industry are being paid $58,167 as an annual salary according to Zip Recruiter. Overall, the remuneration in this field is mouthwatering.

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Why Basic Industries May Not Be A Good Fit For You

As much as you might like to work in the industry, the following factors may prove a stumbling block


Before you take up the basic industries as a career, it is important to scrutinize if you will be able to adapt to the technical nature of the jobs. Basic Industries use different types of machines which require expertise. Although, there are always training and re-training, the ability to quickly understand the technical nature of the job might be difficult


Vulnerability to Health Hazard

Most basic industries companies use raw materials to manufacture products. During the refining of these raw materials, pollutions such as dust, fire, smoke, noise, and toxic gases are always experienced. If you are the type that is susceptible to these hazards or you have a health challenge that can make you easy prey to these hazards, you might want to consider some other field aside from basic industries.

Conclusion on Basic Industries Career Path

Basic Industry is an essential part of the economy. It is a lucrative career path that one should take note of. However, it does come with challenges that may expose your health to hazards. 

Depending on your preferences, you can opt for any of the careers in the industry. But before you decide, be sure you can withstand the rigors of the work.


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