Is Consumer Services A Good Career Path?

Is Consumer Services A Good Career Path? Yes, Consumer Services is a good Career Path but has advantages and disadvantages which will be discussed in this article.

More often than not, when people seek a new career path, they tend to get confused as to which way to follow. Different advice is usually the norm as people seek solutions to their confusion. Some people resort to internet search to find a solution, however, the internet is also littered with a lot of inadequacies. A common google search will throw up a lot of different opinions on the same topics. This leaves a searcher at the point of crossroads with no end in sight. 

There are tons of career paths that one can choose from, it all bounds down to preference and sometimes the personality involved. If you are the type that loves to interact with people, seek what their problem is, and help them find a solution. The consumer services sector could be an ideal path for you. In consumer services, you act as a unifier between a problem and a solution, you help people solve their problems. In turn, people pay you for your service. However, despite the lucrativeness of the field, it is important to have a deep insight before you delve into it. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the type of jobs available in the sector as well as the advantages and disadvantages of getting into this sector. However, we’ll start with the basics which is understanding the consumer services sector.

Understanding Consumer Services

To understand consumer services, let’s use an analogy. Before the introduction of the computer system, typing was usually done using a typewriter. Although a typewriter could type accurately, it is ridiculously slow and requires more typing techniques. People need an innovation that would let them type faster and accomplish typing tasks within the shortest possible time. 

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As a consumer services company, Microsoft introduced Microsoft Word to ease the affairs of people in this regard, it has let people type accurately within a short period. Simply put, consumer services are services or products geared towards solving a particular problem. Unlike consumer goods that can be seen or touched, consumer services can neither be seen nor touched. They are usually non-tangible services such as education, health, consulting, accounting, software, and many more.

Most times, consumer services are usually targeted at specific audiences, most of whom are classified according to their demographic and sociological backgrounds. They do not deal directly with consumers, they are more B2B than B2C, although they are part of the larger business circle.

Is consumer services a good career path?

A career in consumer services can be both rewarding and challenging as it is not something which can buy you a luxurious car or even a house.  It is important you understand whether you will be a good fit for the sector or not.

If you have been eyeing the consumer services sector and always dream about working in the sector. Here are the pros and cons you should take note of if you want to work and take consumer services as a career.

Reasons You Might Want To Go For Consumer Services As A Career Path

  1. High Remuneration
  2. Flexible Working Hours
  3. Meeting Different People
  4. Courting Opportunity
  • High Remuneration

One of the factors that help in determining how lucrative a career path can be is to look at the pay. According to, the consumer services sector pays between $20,000-$100,000 as an average annual salary depending on the industries involved. 

Workers in consumer services smile home to the bank every month with a huge paycheck. If you want a high-paying job career, you might want to consider consumer services.

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  • Flexible Working Hours

Instead of working every day of the week and every hour of the day as is the norm in some other fields, the consumer services sector allows you flexible working. Some industries in the sector allow remote working, where you work from home without the need of going to the office.

Remote working comes with discipline as one can easily get distracted. However, if you are determined to succeed, getting remote work can be the best.

  • Meeting Different People

If building bridges across sectors is your ultimate aim in life, you might want to consider consumer services. In consumer services, you get to interact with people across the board, know their problems, and help them solve their problems. Although this comes at an extra cost, you will have to be a person that loves to be active when communicating so that you could gel with people more.

  • Courting Opportunity

Sequel of meeting with different people and interacting with them, you will be able to court opportunities that could be beneficial to you in the future. If you ever think that you would like to work in another industry of consumer services, many industries would be ready to accept you.

Reasons Consumer Services Might Not Be A Good Career Path For You


  • Distraction

If you are the type that easily gets distracted, consumer services might not be a good fit. For example, working from home requires a lot of discipline to accomplish tasks, however, if you are not determined, you might not be able to complete the task given to you until the deadline lapses. This explains why some people prefer to work in an office environment where they will be under close monitoring.

  • Highly Demanding

Even with flexible working hours, a career in consumer services could be extremely demanding. From building new products to making market research and finally selling them to the targeted customer, these are all tedious assignments that might be tough for the unprepared.

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Available / Best Paying Jobs in the Consumer Services

As of 2020, the US Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS)  estimated that there were approximately 2.9 million available jobs in consumer services. This figure is projected to change slightly in the next ten years. As this sector continues to evolve, there are bound to be a lot of jobs available. Here, we’ll have lists of jobs available in the field and their average salary.


Financial Manager $90,876 (Indeed Job Statistics)
Financial Software Engineer $192,166 (Zip Recruiter Statistics)
Receptionist $38,539 ( Statistics)
Help Desk Analyst $46,859 (Zip Recruiter Statistics)
Hedge Funds Manager $145,437 (PayScale Statistics)
Call Center Representative $29,250 (Talent Statistics)
Concierge $32,010 (Glassdoor Job Statistics)
Marketing Manager $105,295 ( Statistics)
Customer Service Representative $33,302 (Glassdoor Job Statistics)
Customer Retention Specialist $55,029 ( Statistics)
Client Service Coordinator $38,646 (Glassdoor Statistics)
Social Media Customer Care Associate $49,861 (Glassdoor Statistics)
Technical Support Engineer $72,773 (Glassdoor Statistics)
Accountant $59,454 (Talent Statistics)
Compliance Analyst $60,534 (PayScale Statistics)



Consumer Services encompasses a lot of diverse industries. Fortunately, these industries are high-paying and give a lot of flexibility to their work. However, one could easily fizzle out due to the enormous nature of work.

Are you determined to launch a career in the Consumer Services field? you need grit, determination, and hard work to succeed. Moreso, the skills required to work in this sector are learned along the way, learn the basics and keep applying for work to gain valuable experience.

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