Is Energy A Good Career Path? Best paying Jobs

Is Energy A Good Career Path? Best paying jobs in Energy. Energy appliances is a good career path. This article will explain all you need to know about this career choice…

Every day, people use different energy-enabled appliances. From smartphones to laptops; from refrigerators to air conditioners – the list is endless. Even different technological innovations that we have been seeing are energy-consuming because they require a greater amount of energy to power. This makes the energy industry one of the critical sectors

Energy is required by people for their daily activities. Imagine a world without electricity. How do we power our phones to connect to friends across the world? How do we power our home appliances? Life without energy is better envisioned than experienced. So taking up a career in the energy sector is rewardable, meritorious and above all comes with a huge paycheck.

In this article, we’ll detail the discussion by answering whether the energy sector is a good career path or not; we’ll also look at the benefits and limitations of working in the sector coupled with the available jobs in the sector.

Is Energy A Good Career Path?

Our answer to this question is a resounding YES, Energy is a good career path. However, choosing a career path in this industry is not for everyone. Because we say yes doesn’t mean it would be yes for everybody. The yes is relative and is subjected to individual preference. Before you choose the energy sector as a career, it is important to know the benefits as well as the limitations that you are likely to get in the sector.

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With a market value of a mouthwatering $952.16 Billion, the energy industry has been one of the prolific industries that has received unprecedented growth in recent years. It is an industry that is indispensable to human beings. People used energy every minute for their daily activities.

Why You Should Consider The Energy Industry As A Career Path

Depending on preferences, the reason for choosing an industry to work in might differ from person to person. Here are some of the reasons you might want to work in the energy sector.

Opportunity To Get High Paying Job

In the energy industry, there are tons of diverse fields that pay mouthwatering salaries to their workers. For example, professionals in the oil and gas industry receive an annual salary of $94,426 in North America while those in the power sector are paid $81,340 as an annual salary. 

Taking up a career in the sector provides high monthly remuneration, which will allow you to enjoy the luxury of life.

Opportunity To Work In Big Companies

The ultimate aim of any professional is to work with brands that are well known across the world. The energy industry is one of the industries with tons of big brands that have carved out a niche for themselves. Examples of notable brands in the industry include Shell, Exxon Mobil, BP, and British Gas among others.

Companies of this magnitude are actively looking to employ the best hand for their job. If you have the requisite skills, you can navigate your way to the top echelon of these brands.

Transverse Diverse Career Paths

The energy industry is an industry with diverse sub-divisions. Each subdivision with its uniqueness that distinguishes them from others. As diverse as these sectors are, they require a large workforce to cater to the increasing workloads.

In addition, many startups are also starting to spring up in the industry, and thus could be a good place to launch your career in the space. With more experience on your belt, you can then work your way up the ladder.

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Exploring Innovative Ideas

If you are somebody who likes to come up with new ideas to the existing ones, you might want to prioritize working in the energy industry. The energy industry requires great thinking and expertise to solve complex problems. Aside from the energy sector being lucrative, ideas and innovations are the necessary skills one should have before delving into the sector. 

For example, there are tons of problems currently facing the world which require deep thinking;  climate change and global warming are some of them. If you are someone that loves to think deeply about why things are happening in one pattern and while it is not happening in another pattern,  you can try the energy sector.

Opportunity To Work Remotely

Remote working found its way to the limelight in 2020 when people could no longer work in their offices because of COVID-19. As a result, ever since the return of normal activities, remote working has been on the increase with about 16% of companies embracing remote work since the start of the pandemic. Although, 44% of companies globally don’t give room for remote work.

The bottom line is that more opportunities are now available for remote work.  The energy industry is also part of those hiring for remote work. If you like to work from the comforts of your room, you can be the best fit for the energy sector.

Why You Might Not Want to Work In The Energy Sector

High Intensity

Most jobs in the energy sector come with an intensity that may not allow you to have a great time out with your family. Depending on the intensity of the work, you can work 24 hours non-stop with an occasional night shift.

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The company may ask you to work extra hours when you least expect it. So there may be little or no room for leave. Even if they give you leave, the company can still recall you before the expiration of your leave. So if you can’t work in a demanding environment, you might consider other sectors aside from the energy sector

Exposure To Pollution

Working in this sector comes with greater exposure to pollution including dust, smoke, and harmful chemical substances. Most of the machines used are heavy and any mistake might cause you a greater risk to your health.

Available / Best Paying Jobs In the Energy Industry And Their Annual Salary

The following table contains the type of jobs in the energy industry and their basic annual salary

Job Title Annual Salary
Solar Engineer $72,250
Industry Engineer $77,000
Renewable Energy Consultant $82,500
Solar Project Manager $83,000
Financial Analyst $85,000
Civil Engineer $86500
Geoscientist $91,000
Construction Manager $91,500
Drilling Supervisor $148,500
Chemist $70,000
Turbine Service Technician $54,250
Unit Operator $46250
Solar PV installer $42,750
Sales Representative $53,750



A career in the energy sector comes with amazing pay and opportunities. It’s a good career path. However, you should note that you are seeking a career, not a job. When you are seeking a career path, you have to look at the long-term benefits of the sector, not the short-term fix. Overall, the energy sector is a good industry that you can take as a career.

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