Is Oil and Gas Production A Good Career Path?

Is Oil and Gas Production A Good Career Path? Best paying jobs in Oil and Gas Production Industry, how many jobs are available… Find out now

The reason people choose career paths varies according to preferences. While some may choose a career path because of the high remuneration, some may choose a career path based on flexibility. In addition, some people’s choice of career path depends on the long-term benefits of the career.

Whichever way, all these and many others are valid reasons for choosing career paths. With that said, pursuing a career in the oil and gas production sector is a great choice because it is one of the few industries that pay high remuneration to their workers. From the entry job to the high echelon of an oil and gas company, workers are being paid more than their counterparts in other sectors arguably.

Unlike some other sectors where you need little or no formal education to get in, the oil and gas industry is certificate-based and knowledge-focused. Even most of their entry-level jobs require a certain amount of education before you’ll be considered. Depending on how you view it, the oil and gas industry is a booming sector with a lot of benefits, it is one of the critical sectors of any country’s economy which means that the demand for professionals is always high.

Whether you are a fresh graduate looking for opportunities or you are transitioning from an entirely different field. This article will answer some of the contentious questions that you may have. Let’s get started.

Starting A Career In The Oil and Gas Industry

Hoping to start a career in the oil and gas industry? The first step is to get the necessary certificate and education needed for you to be considered. This might include bagging a degree in petroleum engineering, chemical engineering, and some related engineering fields. In addition, your application can be boosted if you have in place a certification that is specific to the oil and gas industry such as an oil rig training program, petroleum project economics, and risk analysis, among others.

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What You Should Consider Before Taking The Oil And Gas Industry As A Career

Before choosing the oil and gas industry as your preferred career, it is important to take note of the following factors

Hefty Paycheck

Unlike some industries where the paycheck is not encouraging, the oil and gas sector pays far above the average salary scale. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), workers in the sector get as much as $102,190 average annual salary which is a significant upgrade on the US national average annual salary of $58,260.

Working Conditions

Even if you are employed as a professional in the industry, you’ll still have to go on-site occasionally. For example, engineers and oil researchers may reside in their offices but occasionally may have to go on-site for oil discovery, exploration, and subsequent production. As for laborers, they spend most of their working hours on-site. 

Your job could especially be challenging if you are working in the upstream level of the oil and gas which deals with real exploration. In this sector, both engineers and researchers will have their hands full in the exploration. 

Although, the condition of work might sometimes be challenging, however, the higher paycheck could let you waive the challenge. Some people could dive into challenges while some are desirous of them. The choice is yours.

Industry Outlook

One of the core concerns for people when choosing a career is the future outlook of the industry. Many arguments have been made on what tomorrow breeds for the oil and gas industry. The introduction of alternative energy sources including solar, coal, biomass, uranium, geothermal energy, and more has made some conclude that the oil and gas industry has no future.

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However, it should be noted that the oil and gas industry has come to stay. An estimated 1.9 million jobs are projected to be generated by 2025. Although alternative energy sources may dwindle their relevance, we do not foresee a situation where the oil and gas sector will be completely eradicated. However, if it does happen, it might not be in this generation.

Is Oil and Gas Production A Good Career Path?

Yes, Oil and Gas Production is a good and excellent career path. It’s a major and wealthy industry with myriad opportunities for those who are looking for a challenging and rewarding job. 

Available Jobs In the oil and gas industry

Whether you are a diploma holder that needs an entry-level job or you are already a professional with bags of certificates. Depending on your qualifications, there are many available Best Paying jobs in the oil and gas sector. Some of them are:

  1. Petroleum Engineer
  2. Mining engineer
  3. Truck Drivers
  4. Geologists
  5. Mud Logger
  6. Derrick Operator
  7. Welders
  8. Roustabout
  9. Deckhands among others


Petroleum Engineer

A degree in petroleum engineering coupled with specific oil and gas certifications could land you a job as a petroleum engineer. Petroleum engineers are one of the heartbeats of the oil and gas industry. They are involved in the discovery, exploration, and production of petroleum resources. Depending on knowledge and expertise, the average salary of a typical petroleum engineer could range between $87,881 to $106,371.

Marketing  Managers

Arguably, marketing is one of the job listings that are always needed in virtually every sector. While the engineers take care of the exploration and developmental process of petroleum, the marketing managers are saddled with marketing and selling the finished product.

The marketing managers are also responsible for coming up with marketing strategies that could bring more sales. In addition, they serve as the link between the manufacturing department and the end-users. 

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On average, marketing jobs in the oil and gas space attract $76,375 as the average annual salary.

Truck Drivers

Truck drivers are one of the cogs in the wheel of the oil and gas Industry. They could be insignificant yet indispensable. They are responsible for conveying petroleum products from one place to another. They receive an average annual salary of $48,310.


Before oil could be explored, there needs to be an assessment of the place where there would be an oil exploration. The work of the geologists is to check if there will be no risk involved in the exploration. They check for favorable weather conditions and geographical risks that may cause problems during exploration. The average salary of geologists in the oil and gas sector is between $45,280 – $64,623.

Other available jobs are :

  1. Mining engineer
  2. Mud Logger
  3. Derrick Operator
  4. Welders
  5. Roustabout
  6. Deckhands among others


No doubt, the oil and gas industry is pivotal to the global economy. It is one of the industries that guarantees higher Paychecks even in the entry-level position and as such a good career path. However, as much as getting a job in this industry is not rocket science, it is important to have the requisite skill set and qualifications to scale up the ladder quickly.

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