Robert Wagner Net Worth: Early Life, Wife, Spouse and Career

Robert Wagner Net Worth 2023, Early Life, Robert Wagner Wife, Robert Wagner Spouse and Career 2022.


Net Worth $20 million
Date of Birth Feb. 10, 1930
Age 92 
Gender Male
Profession  Actor, Film, and Producer
Nationality United State of America
Height 5 ft 10 in (1.8m)


Robert Wagner is an American-born accomplished actor who has been in the US acting industry for more than six decades. He started out as an actor in television series including “Hart to Hart,” “Switch” and “It Takes a Thief”. His versatility quickly earned him accolades and was eventually signed by a talent scout. He played a prominent role in the action-packed comedy film series Austin Powers.’ where he acted as the ‘Number Twos.

In 1950, he made his debut as an actor in the film ‘The Happy Years’ before he was snapped up by ’20th Century Fox’ some years later. He became an instant hit in the film industry and his performance was rewarded with appearances in movies such as ‘The Pink Panther’, ‘Harper’, ‘A kiss before dying’, ‘Harper’ among others.

Early Life

Robert Wagner was born to the family of Hazel and Robert Sr. His mother was an employee in the telecom industry while his father was a businessman who made his fortune acting as a paint seller in the automotive industry. At the age of 7, He moved along with his family to Los Angeles when his father apparently had saved enough funds to build a home in Southern California. The house took about a year to complete and was built in resemblance to the Bel Air Country Club.

He was the first to travel to California before the family later joined him. Apparently, in a bid to ship him to the Hollywood Military Academy, they made him go to California by train. He went on to attend several military schools in which his classmates were famous actors’ children. In 1949, Wagner completed his studies and graduated from Saint Monica Catholic School.

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Robert Wagner’s acting career started professionally in the 1950s when he appeared in an uncredited movie titled “The Happy Years’. Eventually, he was snapped up by Twentieth Century Fox’ when he was only 20. He debuted for Fox in a World War II film in 1951 titled ‘The Hall of Montezuma’, alongside Richard Widmark. He also starred alongside Widmark in ‘The Frogmen’ in the same year.

Wagner’s rise to prominence could be attributed to his small but significant role in ‘With a Song in my Heart’. He acted as a shell-shocked soldier in the movie which announced him as a versatile actor. That quality display and his previous exceptional performance earned him a couple of lead roles in movies including ‘Prince Valiant’, ‘A Kiss Before Dying’, ‘Between Heaven and Hell’ and ‘Beneath the 12-Mile Reef’. He put up brilliant performances in those movies which earned him accolades from different quarters.

In 1954, He played a prominent role in the western ‘Broken Lance’. He was eventually leased by Fox to Paramount, and he became an instant success when he acted as Spencer Tracy’s brother in the film titled ‘The Mountain’ in 1956.

Some years later, he was back with Fox as a leading actor. He was rewarded with a starring role in two popular Nicholas Ray movies namely “Between Heaven and Hell” and “The True Story of Jesse James”, although the movies later went haywire commercially. In a bid to get his career back on track, he starred in “All the Fine Young Cannibals” in which his wife Natalie Wood was the director.

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Wagner alongside his wife Natalie established their production company which was named Rona Production in 1961. In 1962, the production company featured Steve McQueen. Not long after, Wagner and Natalie had to divorced each other which resulted in his migration to Europe where he spent some time. While in Europe, he got a bit part-time role in some movies such as “The pink of Panther”, “The longest day” and “The Condemned of Altona”.

He got a massive hit in the late 1960s when he bagged three roles that would later go on to cement his status as an elite actor. He featured Alexander Mundy on the TV series “To Catch A Thief”. The show which was aired on ABC ran from 1968-1970. He was to later be nominated for Emmy Award for the best TV actor when he acted in the Fred Astaire’s film. His success transcends to the 90s and won a record four Golden Globe awards due to his impressive performance in the film “Hart To Hart”.

Personal Life

In his claim, Wagner credited himself with having had affairs with celebrity performers including Joan Collins, Joan Crawford, and Elizabeth Taylor. However, he got married to his famous wife Natalie in December 1957, the marriage lasted five years before they divorced each other. He was married to Marion Marshall between 1963-1971 and the marriage was blessed with one daughter, Katie. His relationship with Tina Sinatra didn’t lead to marriage as they broke up before engagement. In a turn, he rekindle his love affair with Natalie and they eventually got married on the 7th of July 1972. The marriage produced one daughter named Courtney.

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Wagner is a lover of properties with a keen interest in real estate. He purchased a $220,000 property in Brentwood Los Angeles.  The land was used as the family home of the erudite architect Cliff May as far back as 1940. In a bid to expand the property, he bought the adjacent land where he built a gigantic house including the main house, guest house, tennis court, and horse stalls. The house was remodeled and expanded by the same Cliff May after Wagner contacted him.

The property was later sold to Richard Edmunds — The Oscar-winning Cinematographer and Rita Hogan — the heir to the Japanese video game. Although, the Edmunds never get to live in the house as before Rita dead in 2019. The house remained inhabited for about 12 years before it was eventually auctioned off at the cost of $11 million in Jan 2021.

Robert Wagner Net Worth

20 Million Dollars

Wagner’s along with his wife Jill St. Johnnet’s worth is estimated to be $20 million. He was reputed to have been one of the best actors to ever grace the acting industry. He won four Golden Globe awards. 


Robert Wagner was a veteran actor and was one of the famous actors who won Golden Globe nominations a couple of times. Through grit and determination, he was able to achieve success in his acting career.


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