What Companies Are in the Consumer Non-durables Field?

What Companies Are in the Consumer Non-durables Field? Is consumer non-durables a good career path? How many jobs are available in consumer non-durables….

Often not receiving much attention as much as the consumer durables, however, the consumer non-durables field is one of the essential fields that has been of immense benefit to many people. The reason this sector is indispensable is that it is available to the common man. People consume a lot of products produced by companies in the non-durables sector every day. 


What do Consumer Non-durables Jobs Pay?

In addition, the consumer non-durables sector is also one of the highest employers of labor with about 5.6 million people employed in the US. The growth of the sector has continued unabated with even a potential to grow more. So what companies are spearheading the development of the consumer non-durables field? We will get to know them shortly.

What Are Consumer Non-Durables Goods?

If you have ever bought an item that you consumed in a short time, chances are that you have consumed a non-durable item. Consumer non-durable goods are goods that are used for immediate consumption. They are mostly products that are used every day. They are not made for long-term use and can be consumed more quickly than durable goods. According to the US department of commerce,  consumer non-durables are goods that have a lifetime warranty of fewer than three years.


How Many Jobs are Available in Consumer Non-durables?

Examples of consumer non-durable goods include shampoo, detergents, toothpaste, food, clothes, medicine, and many more. As a result, products that fall under the non-durables can be quickly used and a replacement bought. They are far less expensive than durable goods. For instance, the warranty of non-durable products like toothpaste is only about 6 months while durable goods can be used for more than 3 years. Since they are used almost every day, many companies have taken advantage of this to cement their status in the sector.

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What Companies Are in the Consumer Non-durables Field?

The booming market of the consumer durables field has seen a flurry of companies in the sector. Aside from being a sector that employs a large workforce, companies are taking advantage of people’s reliance on non-durable goods for their basic needs to produce a lot of products that are indispensable to people.

Some of the companies that have a strong footing in the Consumer Non-durables Field are:

  1. Coca-cola
  2. PepsiCo
  3. Philip Morris International
  4. Unilever
  5. L’oreal
  6. Netflix
  7. Nike
  8. Christian Dior
  9. Nestle AG
  10. Anheuser-Busch Inbev



Coca-cola is a household name in the consumer non-durables field with more than a century of cognate experience in producing sweetened beverages. Established in 1886 by John Stith Pemberton, Coca-cola has been one of the most powerful companies that have stamped its feet in the sector. Coca-cola has retained its original name even after being bought by different owners since its inception. Some of the owners that bought coca-cola include Asa Griggs Candler who presided between 1890-1929, then Robert W. Woodruff who oversaw its affairs between 1929-1985, and then to Ernest Woodruff who was the owner between 1985-1989. 

The journey to the limelight was not rosy for coca-cola when it first started as it was only able to sell 25 bottles in its first year. Ever since then, it has gone on to build a reputation for itself with about 31.3 billion of its products sold in 2021 alone. Coca-cola is currently estimated to be worth $74 billion according to Statista. It has gone on to acquire valuable brands such as Vitamin Water, Honest Tea, and more. Coca-cola is also one of the biggest employees in the workforce with more than 79,000 people employed in different capacities.



Domiciled in New York USA, Pepsi is a reputable company that produces non-alcoholic soft drinks with an employment outlay of 263,000 people across the world. Established in 1898 by Caleb Bradham as Brad’s drink, after going through a series of name changes, its present name Pepsi was finally adopted in 1961.

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Pepsi is one of the biggest soft drink brands in the world with net revenue of 80 billion dollars in 2021. They produce different products including beverages, snacks, and confectioneries. Pepsi’s $299.3 billion market cap is second only to coca-cola which has a market cap of $268.4 billion as of the first quarter of 2021. 




If you are a type that loves to take care of your skin, you might have used products such as Dove, Lux, or Pepsodent. Do you know that these three products and many more are the brainchildren of Unilever? The idea of Unilever was conceived in 1930 through the merger of two like minds Margaret Unie who was a margarine producer and the Lever Brothers who are into soap making. Unilever deals in the production of basic things that are available to the common man such as food, personal care products, cleaning agents, and beverages.


What do Consumer Non-durables Jobs Pay?

Unilever is one of the biggest employers of labor with about 148,000 people stacked across different parts of the world. They boast €52.44 billion in revenue and are the leading deodorant vendor in the US.

They boast €52.44 billion in revenue and are the leading deodorant vendor in the US.



The consumer non-durables field also encompasses the entertainment Industry. One of the brands offering entertainment content to the public in the consumer non-durables field is Netflix. It was founded in 1997 by Mike Randolph and Reed Hastings as a platform that produced video content for public consumption. Ever since then, it has amassed over 130 million subscribers with a net income of $5.1 billion as of 2021.

People differ in their preference for web content, while some like consuming written content, however, there are people who are more inclined to consume video content. Netflix has positioned itself as the go-to filming platform which houses the latest movies. You only need to subscribe to the platform and have an internet connection to be able to access the video content. Netflix’s net worth is currently estimated to be worth $97.12 billion.

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Nestle AG


The last on our list of companies in the consumer non-durables field is Nestle AG. It was a product of two Swiss food-producing companies that metamorphosed into one. Nestle is arguably the highest producer of essential goods including baby food, pet food, snacks, coffee, tea, and many more. They also deal exclusively in the manufacture of prepared dishes, cooking aids, cereal, and medicine. They became famous for their production of milk-based products.

Nestle is also the largest fast-moving consumer goods with net sales of more than $93 billion. They have a workforce of about 273,000 employed in different roles. They are also available in hundreds of countries across the world.


The consumer non-durables field is a booming market with a lot of potentials. They produce goods that are used within a short span of time, this makes them highly indispensable as people need them in their daily life. If you plan to invest in the field, now is a good time to do so. Do your due diligence about which of the branches you want to invest in and take note of the risk involved.

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