What do Consumer Non-durables Jobs Pay?

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In this article, we’ll be looking into what Consumer Non-durables is all about as well as the pay for consume Non-durables. A list of jobs under consumer Non-durables as well as the pay I also included.

Without further ado, let’s now dive straight to the main topic of this article: what do Consumer Non-durable Jobs pay?

To start with, let’s examine what Consumer Non-durable jobs is all about. But first, what is consumer Non-Durables?

What is Consumer Non-Durables?

Consumer non-durables are goods that are produced for customers use but they do not last long. Customers can only buy, use and buy again when needed again.

It consists of goods such as food, cosmetics, paper items, pharmaceuticals, apparel, and household goods that aren’t meant to last for a long time. Consumer Non-durables is just the direct opposite of Consumer Durables.

What is Consumer Durables?

Consumer Durable consist of goods created for use and reuse. These type of goods last long and can be kept for long.

Examples of Consumer durable goods are vehicles, appliances, kitchenware, digging tools, furniture, gym equipment, Electronics, Automobiles and so on.

Having known what Consumer Durables and Consumer Non-durables is all about let’s now look into what Consumer Non-durable Jobs is all about.

Consumer Non-Durable Jobs

Consumer Non-durable Jobs is one that involves working in a Non-durable good production sector.

What do Consumer Non-durables Jobs Pay?

Non-durable workers are paid between $70,000 to $87,000 dollars depending on the position and responsibility.

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Roles/Responsibilities of a Non-durable Worker

  1. Machine Operators
  2. Quality Control Inspectors
  3. Production Supervisors
  4. Packaging and Filling Machine Operators


7 Paying Consumer Non-durable Jobs

The Consumer Non-durable jobs has taken a significant growth over the years and no doubt about the fact that there’s even more growth to expect from this sector in coming years.

Due to growth that is to come in this sector, many individuals are now investing in Consumer Non-durable goods production which gives rise to the need for more work force in the sector.

Also, existing companies are expanding and is creating room for more hands. Population is increasing, demand is also increasing, no wonder why surely there’s a major significant growth to expect in this sector in coming years.

Let’s now take a look at the list of best paying Consumer Non-durable Jobs across different industries.

1. Food Manufacturing

Food is a Non-durable product with continues daily interest. Humans eat everyday, so also other creatures. This is why the demand for food is sure to increase as population increases.

Jobs in food manufacturing industry are numerous and all attracts good pay. If you have the necessary requirements to work in the field, then you can proceeed to apply for one of the jobs in the field.

Same applies to soft food and beverages industry. There are opportunities in the marketing, sales, and production department in this field and with decent salaries.

Some other notable job positions in the food manufacturing industry include packers, food science experts, machine operators, and so on.

According to the Agency for work insights information, compensation for workers in the food manufacturing industry ie around $23.50 per hour. Administrative jobs also have over $20 per hour each.

2. Cosmetic Industry

Cosmetic industry here comprises of Soaps, perfumes, makeup and other cosmetics. This is something consumed daily by people. No wonder the cosmetics industry is one that is sure to grow and will need more work force in different departments.

There are different job options with good pay in the cosmetic industry. If you have the requirements to work there, you can proceed to submit an application.

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Fast growing consumer Non-durable good production companies include Unilever Group, L’Oreal, Procter & Gamble, Shiseido and Beiersdorf, and so on.

Here are Some job positions in this field and their pay: Quality Operations Manager ($50,000 to $60,000); Chemical operations manager ($70,000 to $80,000); Cosmetic Research Scientist or Makeup chemist ($80,000 to $105,000).

3. Shoes and Wears

A company that specializes in shoes and wear needs the services of designers, professional cobblers, and tailors to create beautiful quality products for customers.

For example, Christian Dior is one tips shoes and clothing brand worldwide. The company has over 163,000 employees in 2019 and currently still needs tons of individuals to create more quality products.

Aside Christian Dior, there are also many other companies that needs employees. Obviously, shoes and clothes is a Non-durable product and it is one of human basic need. This is why this aspect is growing and even more growth is expected of it.

The payment for this job is also nice.

4. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Yes! The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry is also another sector to find paying consumer Non-durables jobs. Medicine is important for healthy living of humans so also for animals.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing is necessary for humans as not only the sick needs drugs, even healthy individual needs drugs to maintain their health.

Pharmaceutical industry needs individuals in different job department. Some if it include lab specialist, production laborers, researchers and analysts and so on.

According to Salary.com, salary for workers in pharmaceutical manufacturing industry is around $24 per hour and up to $840 per week and $3,360 per month.

A certified drug specialist/ pharmacist can earn up to $125,000 per annum, without other bonuses.

5. Farm Tools Production Companies

This is also another non-durable goods production industry. Working in the farm tools production sector requires manpower and strength.

If you think you’re capable of working in this sector, you can go seek for employment in one of the farm tools production industries.

Companies in this sector needs the services of wcargo movers, transporters, and salesmen. In a farm tool production company,  laborers can earn around $26 per hour. 

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6. Paper Manufacturing

Individuals uses wide assortment of paper items everyday. Students use paper in school; traders use it in the market, financial experts, lawyers, and many others.

Paper items such as paper towels, tissues, journal paper, napkins, bathroom tissue, printer paper, and other paper items are consumed regularly.

More production workers are needed in this industry so that demands can be met as population increases. According to the BLS report, a worker in the paper production industry can earn about $29 per hour. Production and non-supervisory department workers also earns around $24 per hour.

7. Oil and Gas

Oil and gas is also consumed on a daily basis as it is needed in industries itself for generating light and for many other purposes.

This industry needs individual workers as the oil and gas sector has a large workforce. Engineers, IT expert, production workers, sales rep and many other departments needs more workers.


How many jobs are available in finance consumer services?

The term engineer encompasses different professions and all of them are those needed for a smooth operation. IT department also handles the telecommunication aspect of the company.

A worker in the oil and gas industry can earn up to $100,000 annually irrespective of the job department.


Consumer Non-durable jobs are one that is sure to grow in coming years. If you have what it takes to worknin any of the above listed sector, go submit an application. Consumer Non-durable jobs pay is very high as a worker can earn even more that $130,000 annually. Isn’t that high?

Thanks for reading.

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